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Get hooked with MITO® E-GO.

A fishing rod is one of the oldest pieces of technology in existence—but there’s always room for innovation and improvement. Adding MITO E-GO to a composite matrix lets fishing equipment manufacturers and anglers do more with less by adding flex, strength, sensitivity, and bounce back, without extra weight.

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Adding MITO E-GO to your composite matrix can achieve:


increase in flex torque


increase in sensitivity

Ready to see what MITO E-GO can do for you?
St Croix Evos Rod

MITO® Materials Graphene Amplify Composite Fly Fishing Rod Performance

Functionalized graphene addition to premium-performance Evos and Evos Salt fly rods by St. Croix Fly enables faster recovery, increased torsional rigidity and improved strength-to-weight ratios.

Verified Functionalized Graphene Cert

Graphene Council awards verified graphene functionality to MITO® Material Solutions

Verification encompassed proof of scale for three to five metric tons annually of Mito’s functionalized graphene material, E-GO, provides opportunities for introduction into more robust applications.