For hidden strength and a reinforced tomorrow.

Infrastructure is all around us—even when we don’t notice it. From bridges and buildings to surfaces and pipes, MITO® Materials can help builders and engineers move away from metal while giving essential infrastructure elements better strength, durability, and longevity.

Industries construction


By giving composites remarkable strength, MITO Materials can help the construction industry transition away from metal and concrete, without sacrificing strength and durability.

Industries greases

Greases & Lubricants

MITO Materials can be incorporated into the manufacturing process for window casings, composite panel walls, composite rebar, and composite wood siding—for added longevity and weather resistance.

Industries utility


Utility companies are increasingly turning to next-generation materials to reduce repairs and maintenance for towers, pipes, tanks, and roadways—and MITO Materials are part of that revolution.

Industries foams


Polyurethane foam is used for insulation, sealing, thermal management, and structural components. Adding MITO Materials to foam can enhance its existing properties, without changing the production process.

Industries energy


Energy grids rely on turbines and solar panels, but their repair and maintenance can be costly and disruptive. Incorporating MITO Materials into essential components can reduce failure rates and downtime.

Industries oil gas

Oil & Gas

Getting oil and gas out of the ground and into the supply chain requires tanks, pipes, and other infrastructure elements. MITO Materials give these essential parts better chemical resistance, weatherability, and vapor barrier properties.

Industries paints coatings adhesives

Paints, Coatings & Adhesives

In a building or structure, every detail counts. MITO Materials have the capacity to bond dissimilar materials, improve weatherability, resist corrosion, and reduce cracking—for better durability, year after year.

High Shear

Mixing MITO E-GO Inside Ester Resin via High Shear