Make old materials accomplish new things with MITO® E-GO.

Automakers use a variety of plastics and polymers under the hood and inside each and every car. The variety is necessary because the needs for material performance varies based on what the part will be doing during the cars lifespan. Engineers face design limitations due to material properties often, but with multifunctional hybrid additives, they can finally push the limits and experience increased mechanical performance with virgin and recycled polymers allowing them to meet the part requirements and maintain or shed the final weight of the assembly.

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Adding MITO® E-GO to your composite matrix can achieve:


improvement in flex strength

Flex Strength Stat Icon


improvement in flex modulus

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improvement in tensile modulus

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Folsom to introduce aerospace grade graphene to custom skis

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Folsom skis

Folsom makes skis that are “MIGHTY”

MITO Materials add revolutionary technology to one of the most innovative custom ski manufacturers.