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Automotive manufacturing has come a long way since the assembly line. Engineers of the past redefined the shape and structure of automobiles. Engineers of the future are reimagining production and components—and hybrid additives like MITO® E-GO™ have the potential to transform the manufacturing process. By harnessing graphene, one of the strongest and lightest materials on earth, MITO E-GO holds the key to better fuel efficiency, longevity, and handling, without altering manufacturers’ existing production processes.

Industries paints

Paints, Coatings & Adhesives

When it comes to automotive engineering, every detail counts. MITO Materials has the capacity to bond dissimilar materials, improve weatherability, resist corrosion, and reduce cracking—for cars that keep that “just off the lot” look, year after year.

Industries electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Graphene is already being used to improve battery performance. But MITO E-GO functionalizes graphene by combining it with POSS, which decreases conductivity. This makes MITO Materials ideal for increasing electrical insulation and protecting components from electrical currents.

Industries sealents

Sealants & Gaskets

Seals and gaskets are often exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, pressure, and friction, which can make them prone to repeated failure. MITO Materials can increase the corrosion resistance, weatherability, and longevity of these essential parts.

Industries acoustic


Effective acoustic dampening in automobiles can greatly improve the end-user experience. Adding MITO Materials to acoustic components increases their durability, improves thermal management, insulates them from electrical currents, and controls vibration—all without adding weight.

Industries greases

Greases & Lubricants

The full benefits of MITO Materials in greases and lubricants are still being discovered—but the possibilities are impressive. Hybrid additives can improve friction and abrasion resilience, improve electrical insulation, and reduce degradability, without dramatically altering viscosity.

Ultralite touring construction

Carbon Fiber Skis shed 1.5 lbs and find better performance with MITO E-GO

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