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Hybrid Materials Revolution

We changed the rules. So you could change the game.

For generations, industrial engineers have searched for materials and processes that can help them do more, with less. At MITO® Material Solutions, we believe the answer to that age-old challenge lies in harnessing the power of hybrid materials.

Hybrid materials synthesize and combine organic and inorganic elements at the nanometer or molecular level, rather than the macroscopic level, giving them unique characteristics and benefits. At MITO, we’ve unlocked the potential in hybrid materials by creating a patented platform technology that can create a multitude of innovative, industry-changing hybrid additives.

With MITO® E-GO™, we created a hybrid material from two known materials—POSS® and graphene oxide. The covalent bond between the two substances ensures strength and dispersibility, while the unique shape of the particle provides drastic increases to performance. By integrating E-GO into polymer and composite systems, it can be easily integrated to perform at any scale.

The chemical and physical attributes of E-GO make it the first and only material of its kind. The shape of an E-GO particle acts as both a chemical and physical additive, where the graphene platelet is the physical filler and the POSS polymer increases solubility and polymer interaction. These attributes inherently bring polymers and substrates together, better. These unique characteristics make E-GO an exceptionally strong, versatile additive that brings multifunctionality to the materials of today and tomorrow.

But our innovative approach isn’t limited to a single substance. The technology that we used to create MITO E-GO opens the door for limitless possibilities. The organic-inorganic bond structure becomes a platform technology that we can replicate with many other substances. By interchanging the organic material within the particle scaffold, we can create hybrid materials that can be reproduced and batched for a variety of industrial uses.

It’s a seamless, scalable solution with the power to dramatically transform composites and thermoplastics. No matter what engineering objective you’re trying to achieve, MITO Materials hold the key. Our hybrid additives can solve your biggest manufacturing puzzles, without changing your manufacturing process.

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