Sports & Recreation

Give your products a competitive edge.

In sports, everyone’s looking for the winning secret—and MITO Materials keep your products ahead of the competition. By increasing the chemical adherence between polymers and providing better physical bonding, our hybrid additives give fiber-reinforced products remarkable advantages in weight, durability, flexibility, and performance. MITO changes the game, for engineers and athletes alike.

Industries golf


Decrease weight where you need to and maintain strength everywhere else. From flex and feel to sound and strength, MITO Materials bring the royal and ancient game into the 21st century—and beyond.

Industries baseball

Baseball & Softball

The smallest details can make or break a ball game. MITO Materials increase strength, dampen vibrations, provide weightless durability, and seamlessly bond fiberglass and carbon fiber—for a better bat, no matter who’s in the box.

Industries snowsports


MITO Materials let manufacturers cut vibration and weight and customize flex and stiffness—without sacrificing strength. It’s the edge skiers and snowboarders need to go faster and push harder, with virtually no weight penalty.

Industries fishing


This is your biggest catch yet. When accuracy is everything, MITO Materials give fishing rod manufacturers and anglers superior flexibility, endurance, strength, power, and control.

Industries lacrosse


From head to shaft, the structural integrity of a lacrosse stick has game-changing impact. Thanks to better bonding and adherence on a molecular level, MITO Materials help sticks resist warping and snapping, game after game.

Industries hockey


From cold temps to tough swings, hockey sticks take a beating. MITO Materials let manufacturers use a single resin to give both fiberglass handles and carbon fiber heads added strength, while increasing the bond between them.

Industries footwear


MITO Materials help footwear go the extra mile. We’re working with partners to test our products in footwear foam—to give runners the comfort, support, and energy return they need, mile after mile.

Industries cycling


In cycling, energy and endurance are everything—and MITO redefines both. MITO Materials give carbon-fiber parts remarkable stiffness, better flex and feedback, reduced vibration, and superior strength, without adding weight.

Sports & Recreation
Folsom mighty

Folsom makes skis that are “MIGHTY”

MITO Materials add revolutionary technology to one of the most innovative custom ski manufacturers.

Folsom ultralite

Ski Touring on the Folsom UltraLITE

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: backcountry skiing is hard. But lucky for you, the team at Folsom is making it easier.