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Overhaul your Materials with MITO® inside.

Semi-trucks and cargo trailers are the highest carbon emitters on the road today and the majority of these trailers are still made with heavy metal, further decreasing our natural resources. If 55% of the 1.7 million freight trucks on the road started using a composite trailer, that would reduce fuel consumption by over $12 billion per year according to the North America Council for Freight Efficiency. This would reduce annual carbon emissions by 60 million metric tons. MITO is empowering this transition to composite trailers by integrating into the existing production line and improving mechanical properties allowing manufacturers to finally shed the weight while remaining logistically and economically viable.

Industries trailer
Adding MITO® E-GO to your fiberglass/ -ester composite matrix can achieve:


improvement in compressive strength

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improvement in flex strength

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improvement in tensile modulus

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improvement in impact resistance

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MITO Materials add revolutionary technology to one of the most innovative custom ski manufacturers.