Frequently Asked Questions

MITO products can be used in ester resins, both BPA and BPF epoxies, polypropylene, and thermoplastics such as PA66. All MITO additives provide the best benefit in fiber reinforced systems, since they increase the adherence between polymer and substrate. Learn more about the materials we work with.

No. All MITO products are fiber agnostic.

We are constantly working on other variations to deploy into the market. If you have a specific need or chemical requirement, ask us! We’re most likely already cooking something up—and we’d love to work on something that puts you on the cutting edge.

Any of our additives can be integrated in a number of ways: via powder and any mixing procedure, via masterbatch dilution, or via spray onto prepreg for rapid loading prototyping. During qualification, we provide one of the above solutions so that you can perform initial tests. Once we enter a more robust testing stage, we work with your polymer supplier to get you a steady supply of MITO Materials-infused polymer.

MITO products are micron size. With MITO E-GO, we have third-party validation showing that standard PPE is more than sufficient. Once dispersed, MITO E-GO reactively disperses into nano-sized particles. This allows any MITO Materials-infused polymer to be used in any manufacturing method, with no viscosity changes.

Advanced Materials Show

MITO leads Round Table Discussion on Graphene Innovation at the Advanced Materials Show

CTO, Kevin Keith will host a round table discussion on the “The Stigma of Graphene: Discussing the Barriers to Entry and Path to Adoption”

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MITO Material Solutions raises $4.6 million for new product development and scale-up

Steve Hulme

Funding Innovative Manufacturing Technology

MITO Material Solutions raised $4.6 million dollars in a Seed Extension led by Ingevity, a specialty chemical company. The financing brought Steve Hulme to the board and the ability to expand MITO’s Indianapolis operations where MITO continues to develop industry leading products for companies seeking new composite material technologies.