The Science

Graphene 101

The future is here. And its name is graphene.

Engineers and scientists worldwide continue to be blown away by graphene. It’s incredibly thin and lightweight but remarkably strong, flexible, and conductive. Put simply, in the world of materials, graphene is a marvel—and MITO® Material Solutions has the technology to unlock it.

As a next-generation material, graphene is leading to new discoveries and innovations every day. Here’s the latest on the evolving science, the growing opportunities, and what we’re doing to harness the power of graphene and 2D related materials.

Our Products

Graphene Council awards verified graphene functionality to MITO® Material Solutions

Verification encompassed proof of scale for three to five metric tons annually of MITO’s functionalized graphene material, E-GO, provides opportunities for introduction into more robust applications.

Powder E-GO

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: MITO® Material Solutions

MITO® Material Solutions joins forces with a new sporting application customer to exhibit new applications for its graphene additive, E-GO, which is now available as a spray or for liquid dispersion.

Mito Acre

MITO® ACRE™ gives you strength and sustainability.