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The transportation industry is always changing. While much of the recent buzz focuses on electrification, there are equally notable advancements in materials, particularly those that increase a component’s strength-to-weight ratio to boost a vehicle’s efficiency.

Engineers and manufacturers are increasingly looking for ways to move away from metal. And at MITO® Materials Solutions, we want to be part of the materials revolution. MITO® E-GO™ makes it possible to produce fiber-reinforced composites that resist delamination while maintaining the functionality, durability, and strength and weight specifications that engineers demand.

By integrating MITO Materials into the manufacturing process, vehicles of all kinds—from spacecraft and airplanes to trailers and cargo ships—can be made bigger, cheaper, faster, and more efficiently.

No matter where you’re going or what your mode of transportation, MITO Materials are redefining the distance from Point A to Point B.

Industries rail


For centuries, rail transportation has relied on metal. But modern efficiency and environmental concerns demand something better. MITO Materials offer improved weatherability, thermal management, and electrical insulation, without sacrificing strength.

Industries marine


Whether they’re used for shipping, sports, or recreation, marine vessels endure an exceptional amount of environmental exposure. By helping components resist delamination, MITO Materials offer the opportunity for better weatherability and longevity.

Industries fleets


In fleet vehicle manufacturing, durability, efficiency, and safety are key. MITO Materials can add value for manufacturers and fleet owners alike—by cutting weight, enabling easier assembly and ultimately reducing warranty claims.

Industries packaging


From poly bags to packing material, packaging is a small but impactful part of the transportation puzzle. Adding MITO Materials to packaging components can improve corrosion and chemical resistance, as well as increasing the functionality of recycled materials.

Industries unmanned aerial

Unmanned Aerial

Drones are used for an ever-growing list of applications, from surveying land to assisting in search and rescue, to getting the money-shot in film productions. Unmanned aerials must be able to operate under a wide range of weather conditions which means they must be durable while remaining light and maneuverable.

Adding MITO E-GO to the fiber reinforced composite material blend guards against delamination no matter what environment the drone is deployed in. The blades will be lightweight, durable, and won’t warp over time.

Industries rv


RV manufacturers know that wear-and-tear is a reality—but delamination alone continues to cost them millions in warranty claims every year. MITO Materials can give RV components greater structural integrity and longevity, for fewer headaches, mile after mile.

Catalyzing Commercialization

Catalyzing Commercialization

Novel Additives Promise Strong, Lightweight Composites for Commercial Transportation

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