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We’re empowering a material evolution.

At MITO® Material Solutions, we believe that changing the world starts by changing the products we use and rely on every day. We envision a world in which every vehicle can be dramatically more efficient, every product can be more durable, and every manufacturing process can be simpler and safer—all thanks to our proprietary platform technology.

Just a small amount of MITO® E-GO™ allows manufacturers to make stronger, lighter, more durable materials—which means longer product life cycles and lower fossil fuel usage. Our advancements in biomaterials allow manufacturers to use natural, sustainable substances that perform as or better than petroleum-based counterparts.

At MITO, our mission is to ease the transition from metals, harmful additives, and consumable materials by harnessing the power of lighter, cleaner, more sustainable material solutions. Our products and processes have the power to change the manufacturing industry. And by changing the manufacturing industry, we’re changing the world—one component at a time.

Global Impact
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