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Designing with Graphene in Mind featuring Kevin Keith


Investigation of Rheological Behavior and Dispersion Stability of Epoxy Resin with the Addition of Graphene-Based Hybrid Additives


Hybrid Nano-Additives with Improved Properties for Epoxy, Polyester, and Vinyl Ester Matricies.


Improvement of Composite Thermal and Mechanical Properties via GO/POSS Hybrid Additives.


Effect of Starch-Based Hybrid Additive on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy-Based Composites

Advanced Materials Show

MITO leads Round Table Discussion on Graphene Innovation at the Advanced Materials Show

CTO, Kevin Keith will host a round table discussion on the “The Stigma of Graphene: Discussing the Barriers to Entry and Path to Adoption”

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MITO Material Solutions raises $4.6 million for new product development and scale-up

Steve Hulme

Funding Innovative Manufacturing Technology

MITO Material Solutions raised $4.6 million dollars in a Seed Extension led by Ingevity, a specialty chemical company. The financing brought Steve Hulme to the board and the ability to expand MITO’s Indianapolis operations where MITO continues to develop industry leading products for companies seeking new composite material technologies.