MITO® E-GO Res-1

RES 1 Pouring

The revolutionary Res-1.

In partnership with industrial coatings manufacturer Forrest Technical Coatings out of Eugene Oregon, MITO® Material Solutions has harnessed their patented technology platform—the first and only process verified by the Graphene Council to produce a functionalized graphene—to create ready-to-pour hybrid additives with both chemical and physical bonding points.

This gave us the option to make MITO E-GO available in a laminating epoxy resin called Res-1 that simplifies adoption from a production perspective. The possibilities with graphene are limitless, but this new ready-to-pour product line gives the power of engineering back to the manufacturers to build anything from stronger and lighter boats to snowboards to bikes and more. MITO’s products give fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics lab-verified improvements in strength, durability, flexibility, functionality and sustainability.

And since MITO E-GO is a verified functionalized graphene additive, customers have the assurance that MITO E-GO has passed rigorous audits and third-party testing to ensure product consistency and quality on a commercial scale.

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Verified Functionalized Graphene Cert

Graphene Council awards verified graphene functionality to MITO® Material Solutions

Verification encompassed proof of scale for three to five metric tons annually of Mito’s functionalized graphene material, E-GO, provides opportunities for introduction into more robust applications.

MITO Res 1 Formal Picture

MITO Materials provides in-resin graphene additive for composites

Specialty chemical company MITO® Material Solutions (Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.) announces its first ready-to-pour graphene product with the company’s verified functionalized graphene status, awarded by the Graphene Council (New Bern, N.C., U.S.).