At MITO® Material Solutions, we believe material improvements are life improvements. As a next-generation company, we solve industry’s biggest challenges with micro-sized solutions—to make high-performing materials easy to use and accessible to all.

The secret is the hybrid additive. Our patented platform technology is the first and only process with the power to functionalize substances like graphene and biomaterials—creating hybrid additives that give fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics lab-verified improvements in strength, durability, flexibility and sustainability.

Our platform technology solves your manufacturing puzzles—without changing your manufacturing process. We changed the rules, so you could change the game. And together, we’re redefining what’s possible.

Powerful possibilities
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Our Scientific Process

The proof is in the polymer.

For generations, engineers and manufacturers have searched for materials and processes that can help them do more, with less. At MITO, we believe the answer to that age-old challenge lies in harnessing the power of hybrid materials. Our patented platform technology creates hybrid additives with unique attributes—and limitless possibilities.

Better materials

Better materials for a better future.

From lighter trucks, airplanes and cargo ships to longer-lasting consumer goods—additives make environmental sense. Our innovative platform technology has the power to change the manufacturing industry. And by changing the manufacturing industry, we’re changing the world—one component at a time.

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MITO® Materials Partners with Vartega for Product Innovation

Specialty chemical company, MITO® Material Solutions, will be co-hosting a booth at CAMX. The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) is the largest, most comprehensive composites and advanced materials event in North America. This year, CAMX 2023 will be held October 30th - November 2nd in Atlanta, Georgia.

Folsom Custom Skis Mountain

Ultra-lightweight skis demonstrate potential of graphene-reinforced composites

With a graphene additive, Folsom Custom Skis evolved and optimized the material makeup of its carbon fiber composite touring skis for higher performance at a lighter weight.

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Folsom Custom Skis: A MITO Case Study

Folsom Custom Ski founder Mike McCabe noticed in 2013 that graphene was being used in bike frames to use less materials, creating a lightweight system with strength and stability. Immediately, Mike saw the application possibilities for skis.