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Graphene Council Awards Verified Functionality to MITO®

MITO Receives Official Recognition

Indianapolis, Indiana, October 10, 2022 - Specialty chemical company, MITO® Material Solutions, is proud to announce that the Graphene Council has awarded MITO Materials with the first Verified Functionalized Graphene® Status for their graphene additive, E-GO™.

MITO’s patented technology platform is the first and only process that can functionalize graphene in order to create hybrid additives with both chemical and physical bonding points. MITO’s products give fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics lab-verified improvements in strength, durability, flexibility, functionality and sustainability. Now, with this new verification status, MITO E-GO has also passed rigorous audits and third-party testing to ensure product consistency and quality.

“Through this process, we've proven that MITO does not just make graphene or graphene oxide, MITO truly functionalizes graphene with a polymer which is differentiated in the marketplace," commented Haley Marie Keith, MITO CEO. "Thanks to the Graphene Council, MITO can now assure customers, with this third-party certification, that any E-GO material which they purchase is verified raw graphene material in our finished product as well as a functionalized polymer with graphene attached."

Founded in 2013, The Graphene Council is the oldest and largest trade and professional association for the global graphene sector, serving the needs of graphene researchers, producers, application developers, end-users, regulators, standards bodies, national governments and other critical stakeholders. The Graphene Council connects more than 30,000 materials professionals and experts globally.

“Functionalization is a highly skilled process of taking graphene and enhancing its properties through targeted addition of other elements or processing the material. MITO Materials is a pioneering firm that specializes in this skill set and we congratulate them for successfully passing a rigorous in-person inspection of their facilities, processes and 3rd party testing of their materials,” stated Terrance Barkan, Executive Director, The Graphene Council.

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“The Verified Functionalized Graphene® status is a recognition that customers can rely upon that they are working with a competent and capable partner to supply functionalized graphene materials at commercial scale.”

The rigorous verification process included safety controls audit, technical audit, on-site lab evaluation and an on-site evaluation of the toll manufacturer, Monument Chemical of Brandenburg, Kentucky. Independent third party testing of both lab and production site materials using MITO’s own QC processes was the final step in the process.

The verification encompassed proof of scale for three to five metric tons annually of MITO’s functionalized graphene material, E-GO. As E-GO is mixed into production at an approximately 1-to-1000 ratio to the polymer, from an applications perspective that translates to enough E-GO product to support Boeing’s annual production of commercial planes or enough E-GO to create sidewalls and floors for 3,000 EV semi-truck trailers.

“MITO is the only company in the world producing functionalized graphene. This recognition is an exciting opportunity for MITO to be introduced into more robust applications. The verification gives us credibility in the marketplace to showcase exactly what we are producing at scale and in large commercial quantities is the same material that is going into resins, coatings and other 3-D applications,” noted Keith. “The Graphene Council certification is a momentous step in MITO’s company journey.”

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Verified Functionalized Graphene Cert

Graphene Council awards verified graphene functionality to MITO® Material Solutions

Verification encompassed proof of scale for three to five metric tons annually of Mito’s functionalized graphene material, E-GO, provides opportunities for introduction into more robust applications.

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