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MITO® E-GO changes the graphene game.

Many have seen the potential in graphene. At MITO® Material Solutions, we’ve finally unlocked it. Introducing MITO E-GO, a patented, revolutionary innovation in additives that makes graphene easy to use and accessible to all.

The key is our patented platform technology. It’s the first and only process with the power to functionalize graphene, creating stronger adherence between polymer and substrate, for better chemical and physical bonding. As a hybridized product of graphene oxide and epoxide POSS, MITO E-GO boosts the performance of fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastics up to 135%—for dramatically better durability at a much lighter weight.

MITO E-GO is formulated to reactively disperse and resist agglomeration, with micron-sized particles that are safe to handle. When mixed into a polymer, MITO E-GO also only requires a suggested 0.1%wt concentration of the polymer—making it easy to incorporate into your existing polymer system via masterbatch, direct dispersion of the powder, or spray-on solution for pre-preg applications.

MITO E-GO solves the graphene puzzle—without changing your manufacturing process.

It’s available in multiple formats, for limitless engineering applications.

MITO E-GO Powder
If you have dispersion equipment, this format is great for formulating epoxies, adhesives, and coatings and integrating into liquid systems.

This format is dispersed into an epoxy system at 1% loading and sold with hardener in one-gallon and five-gallon containers.

Pre-dispersed in a solvent, this format is often used to apply onto pre-preg systems prior to molding and curing—providing pin-point accuracy, for added strength and toughness.

MITO E-GO Pellets
Coming soon!

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Ready to see what MITO E-GO can do for you?

Graphene Council awards verified graphene functionality to MITO® Material Solutions

Verification encompassed proof of scale for three to five metric tons annually of MITO’s functionalized graphene material, E-GO, provides opportunities for introduction into more robust applications.

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Folsom to Introduce Aerospace-grade Graphene to Custom Skis

Graphene classification initiative

MITO spearheads graphene classification initiative that can aid in composites industry adoption