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Hit the slopes harder and faster, with MITO® E-GO.

Engineers and OEMs are always looking for ways to give their skis and boards a competitive edge. The key is finding innovations that reduce bulk, weight, and vibration while increasing durability and strength. The simple, streamlined addition of MITO E-GO to your manufacturing process achieves that goal—so they can keep gliding.

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Adding MITO E-GO to your composite matrix can achieve:


improvement in flex

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reduction in weight

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reduction in vibration

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Powder E-GO

CAMX 2022 exhibit preview: MITO® Material Solutions

MITO® Material Solutions joins forces with a new sporting application customer to exhibit new applications for its graphene additive, E-GO, which is now available as a spray or for liquid dispersion.

Folsom to introduce aerospace grade graphene to custom skis

Factory Skier for Folsom Custom Skis

Functionalized graphene additives can be used in fiber-reinforced materials to increase mechanical performance, durability, and product longevity. With the use of a specific graphene from MITO Material Solutions, the following is the experience of Folsom athlete Doug Mock through the prototyping process…

Folsom skis

Folsom makes skis that are “MIGHTY”

MITO Materials add revolutionary technology to one of the most innovative custom ski manufacturers.