Walls & Building Materials

Build back better with MITO® E-GO.

As deforestation continues to deplete the planet of its natural resources, MITO Materials speeds up new construction with low maintenance, high performance composite wall panels and other building materials. Used in a variety of architectural instances, composite materials offer resiliency and inherent resistance to insects, water, rot and corrosion unlike wood and metals. With the addition of MITO into the polymer, buildings can be re-engineered with new combinations due to the enhanced durability and structural integrity.

Industries walls
Adding MITO® E-GO to your composite matrix can achieve:


more resistance to buckling

Compressive Strength Stat Icon


improvement in flex strength

Flex Strength Stat Icon


improvement in tensile modulus

Tensile Modulus Stat Icon


more impact resistance

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Ready to see what MITO E-GO can do for you?
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Folsom skis

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MITO Materials add revolutionary technology to one of the most innovative custom ski manufacturers.