Take humanity to new heights with MITO® E-GO.

Today, aircrafts are made with more than 50% composite materials by weight. As the industry explores new ways to shed weight, one option is the fuel storage system where new materials are needed to ensure liner-less composite tanks that can withstand high pressure. With the addition of E-GO, a graphene-based hybrid additive, composite storage tanks can be made to withstand the increased needs for greater impact resistance, temperature changes, and stress.

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Adding MITO® E-GO to your composite matrix can achieve:


increase in hoop stress

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increase in fracture toughness

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wider temperature operating range

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Folsom to introduce aerospace grade graphene to custom skis

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Folsom skis

Folsom makes skis that are “MIGHTY”

MITO Materials add revolutionary technology to one of the most innovative custom ski manufacturers.